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Who has a purple lightsaber? - Closing April 30th credit:

Calling all Jedi Masters.


The Senate would like to officialise the roll call of Jedi Masters to date. Are you a Jedi Master? Have you defeated the Archivist and learned to balance the force?


Show us your purple lightsabre. Share a picture or video of your lightsabre to this thread, and to inspire younger Jedi, share your favourite memory from your journey to Mastery.


Our favourite contribution will receive a Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, or Star Destroyer Bluetooth speaker. Participating Jedi Masters will be considered for an opportunity to engage in a conversation with our development team.


Send us your entries and stand to win one of these: 




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Re: Who has a purple lightsaber? - Closing April 30th

Both simple and detailed answer.

Only one Jedi Master has a Purple Lightsaber, master Mace Windu.
Film production-wise, it was Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) who requested to have a purple-colored lightsaber, because it was his favorite color.


Story-wise,  a purple color Kyber Crystal meant a combination of both Blue and Red. Blue was the color of a Jedi Guardian, a Jedi who uses the force on a more physical level, while Red was a signature color of the Sith which symbolizes their rage, passion and all the other aspects of the Dark Side. Mace windu is  Jedi who combines both traits without giving into the Dark Side., similar to a Grey Jedi. It is further seen with his favorite fighting form, Vaapad a variant of Form 7 Juyo also known as the Ferocity Form.

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Re: Who has a purple lightsaber? - Closing April 30th

It’s been quite the journey to becoming a Jedi Master. My childhood fantasies becoming to reality to be able to battle Darth Vader, play Holochess like Chewbacca, be a part of the famous Star Wars battles.

It took focus and determination to beat the game, but that’s exactly what it takes to become a Jedi Master. Even having earned the prestigious status, I still play the game obsessively and am now trying to beat the game as a Dueling Master.

To those on their journey to become a Master: Don’t give up. Focus and determination is key and the payoff is worth the journey. You can learn from the Master on the forum if you need any help or guidance. Do or do not.

May the Force be with you.


Video entry:

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Re: Who has a purple lightsaber? - Closing April 30th

Dude Vader is honored to join the council of Dueling Masters. My achievement was not possible without the help of the Grey Jedi in the early stages and most importantly the videos created by Sky Guy the Jedi who coached me over the past month. As a collegiate fencing coach I enjoyed creating some of my own "Riposte" moves combined with the "Speed" Force Power to be Victorious in the final Archivist Epic Duel. For me the elimination of the yellow blocking indicators now makes the duels much more realistic and more like actual Saber and Kendo fencing. I look forward to the day I can duel my fellow Dueling Masters the Grey Jedi and Sky Guy the Jedi face-to-face.  



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Re: Who has a purple lightsaber? - Closing April 30th

May I suggest we create a patch for those who wield a purple lightsaber.JCDMpatch.jpg

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