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How To's and Solutions [System x Rack Servers] - Week 45

List of new tips published for x86 systems for week 45:


LXCA may not correctly show FW information for Intel adapter X540 in "Compliance Target" list in firmware apply page - Lenovo Server

LXCA reports the switch is already managed when attempting to re-manage after first attempt fails - Lenovo RackSwitch G8332

The Intel I350 virtual function may have a yellow bang in the device manager under Windows 2016 VM on Systems x3650/x3550 M5 - Lenovo Server

LXCA fails to apply a config pattern with advanced port settings with a CN4093 Flex Switch - Lenovo Server

Intel X550-T1 shows the wrong name as "Intel Ethernet controller" in SUSE 12.2 - Lenovo ThinkServer TD350

Cryptography settings jobs fail on demo data - Lenovo Server

N2226 PCI slot number legacy option ROM mismatches with UEFI option ROM - Lenovo and IBM Server

SR-IOV name for Intel i350 series adapters may be shown with yellow bang (and virtual function would loss) in device manager under hyper-v guest OS of W2012R2_X64 - Lenovo and IBM Server

The password complexity strength can be changed to middle/high when users set POP/PAP in "Low" complexity strength via OneCLI - Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5

MegaRAID controller does not appear in system Hard Disk Boot Priority list - Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530

LXCA: RackSwitch devices will disappear from LXCA upon upgrade from versions prior to 1.3.0 to version 1.4 - Lenovo Server

Physical Presence Minutes to Assert value not changing - Lenovo Server and Flex System

RS160: LXCA "Power off Normally" and "Restart Normally" functions fail - Lenovo ThinkServer RS160

LXCA config Pattern save button does not work when attempting to save port pattern - Lenovo Server

LXCA returns deployment complete but OS deployment is actually not completed when deploying ESXi6.5 - Lenovo ThinkServer

Intel PRO/1000 PF server adapter may not show up in UEFI - IBM System x3250 M5 (5458)

Lenovo Onecli may prompt X520 NIC FW update fail while the update is successful - Lenovo Server

Issue with StorCLI assigning VDs to CacheCade - Lenovo Server

LXCA v1.3.0 - Large number of VLAN causes config pattern fail - Lenovo Server

LXCA: FRU value not shown for Lenovo RackSwitch device running CNOS (version 10.x) software - Lenovo Server

User configuration will be lost when using "OneCLI" flash tool under in-band mode - Flex System x440 Compute Node (7917)

Cacheable SSL page found - Lenovo ThinkServer

LXCA: Firmware update fails on a Lenovo system interconnect fabric that is in a non-redundant configuration - Lenovo Server

No Linux driver update disk (DUD) for Intel X550/X710 series NIC - Lenovo ThinkServer

LXCA shows all the CPUs of a scalable complex on primary node's summary page without node info - IBM System x3950 X6

Parsing OneCLI inventory XML files created on a ThinkServer system will show incorrect HTML pages on a non-ThinkServer system - Lenovo ThinkServer

LXCA OS Deploy with AUTO MAC mode job hangs at 25% - Lenovo Server

Lost cache data on RAID controllers after firmware update - Lenovo Server

Duplicate HBA HDD information displayed in the POST interface - Lenovo Server

LXCA: AppScan erroroneously asserts that remote commands can be run from the help system - Lenovo Server

LXCA may provide slow response with high number of managed endpoints - Lenovo Server

Cryptography settings appear to change to legacy after upgrading - Lenovo Server

TS460 and RS160 MIB file is missing from the Web BMC package - Lenovo ThinkServer

RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget intermittently missing on RHEL 7.2 - Lenovo Server

Auto Power mode not working on Chassis Management module - Lenovo Server

Failed to input 00JY830 iSCSI target into in IMM2 web with Internet Explore 11.0.9600.18738CO - Lenovo System x3500 M5 (5464)

LXCA: port information is not shown for the Lenovo Flex System Interconnect Fabric - Lenovo Server

Lenovo Flex System x480 X6 secondary node in bad state and web CLI fails to load properly - Lenovo Flex System

The URL is prompted unsafe after importing the CSR certificate - Lenovo System x3650 M5 (5462, 8871)

Nessus scan may show the version of OpenSSH is prior to 7.6 - Lenovo ThinkServer and Lenovo Storage

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Madhu_01 On 2017-11-17, 11:11 AM

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