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2021-06-05, 14:40 PM

I want to upgrade my ibm x3550 m2 server via bomc. I prepared iso image as type 7946, but after booting, the operation fails with the error that the type is not suitable for the machine. When I check it via Bios / IMM, it shows machine type 7042cr5. Could you please help me on how to solve this situation.


IMM machine type screenshot: https://prnt.sc/147ipng

Bomc Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/147iy9o

Thank you in advance for your support.


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2021-06-07, 2:24 AM

Hello mcym,


7042-cr5 is IBM's HMC. This product is not System x brand and not supported by BoMC.


Family 7042+03 IBM Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console (HMC) Model CR5



The following IBM systems are supported by BoMC at present. I would recommend to contact IBM service rep for the questions of 7042-cr5. Thank you,


Download Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) V12.1.2


IBM Systems

    IBM BladeCenter HS22 7870/1936/7809/1911
    IBM BladeCenter HS22V 7871/1949
    IBM BladeCenter HS23 7875/1929
    IBM BladeCenter HS23E 8038/8039
    IBM BladeCenter HX5 7873/1910
    IBM BladeCenter HX5 7872/1909
    IBM Flex System x220 Compute Node 7906/2585
    IBM Flex System x222 Compute Node 7916
    IBM Flex System x240 Compute Node 8737/8738/7863/8956
    IBM Flex System x280 X6/x480 X6/x880 X6 Compute Node 4259/7903
    IBM Flex System x440 Compute Node 7917
    IBM NeXtScale nx360 M4 5455/5456
    IBM Smart Analytics System 7949
    IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M2 7321/6380/7323
    IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M3 6391
    IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 server 7912/7913
    IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 Water Cooled server 7918/7919
    IBM System x3100 M4 2582
    IBM System x3100 M5 5457
    IBM System x3200 M3 7327/7328
    IBM System x3250 M3 4251/4252/4261
    IBM System x3250 M4 2583
    IBM System x3250 M5 5458
    IBM system x3300 M4 7382
    IBM System x3400/x3500 M2 7839
    IBM System x3400/x3500 M3 7380
    IBM System x3400/x3500 M3 7836/7837
    IBM System x3400/x3500 M3 7378/7379
    IBM System x3500 M4 7383
    IBM System x3530 M4 7160
    IBM System x3550 M2 7946/4198
    IBM System x3550 M3 7944/4254
    IBM System x3550 M4 7914
    IBM System x3620 M3 7376
    IBM System x3630 M3 7377
    IBM System x3630 M4 7158
    IBM System x3650 M2 7947/4199
    IBM System x3650 M3 7945/4255/5454
    IBM System x3650 M4 7915
    IBM System x3650 M4 BD 5466
    IBM System x3650 M4 HD 5460
    IBM System x3690 X5 7148/7149
    IBM System x3690 X5 7147/7192
    IBM System x3750 M4 8722/8733
    IBM System x3750 M4 8752/8718
    IBM System x3755 M3 7164
    IBM System x3850 X5 7145/7146
    IBM System x3850 X5/x3950 X5 7143/7191
    IBM System x3850 X6/x3950 X6 3837/3839


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2021-07-05, 7:09 AM



The corresponding Machine types of System x3550 M2 is 7946 | 4198,it is suspecting VPD's information incorrect,please call IBM service change VPD to match Product Name and  Machine Type.

System x3550 M2 (Machine types: 7946 | 4198)

System x3550 M2 (Machine types: 7946 | 4198)

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