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DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

We have x3650 M5 which is having some hardware issues & it have ESXI 6.5 installed.

The IBM support is asking for DSA logs, Since it does not have windows base OS, therefore whats the alternate way to collect compelte DSA logs?


Is there any bootable DSA CD via which I can boot & collect the relevant logs ?

Lenovo Employee ccchen
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Re: DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

Hi pinochio79,


Use a workstation or laptop (SuSe, RedHat or  Window OS) with direct network access to IMM on the server, visit the  Lenovo XClarity Essentials OneCLI (OneCLI) webpage, download the utility of the appropriate OS section and run the utility with root or administrator privilege (depends on the OS installed on the workstation or laptop).


Run the following command to get FFDC log: 

"Onecli inventory getinfor --bmc USERIDSmiley TongueASSW0RD@<xcc's ip> --ffdc --output <savelogpath>" and collect the log from the user-specified folder, send it to support team.


Please refer to the article for more detailed: How to use the Lenovo XClarity Essentials Linux OneCLI to remotely collect system inventory and FFDC.

Lenovo Employee jeromez
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Re: DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

On-Board F2 DSA Pre-Boot :

  1. Insert a suitable USB flash drive (FAT32 Format Preferable) to save the logs to before doing any of the below steps
  2. Reboot/Power on the server
  3. At the IBM/Lenovo splash screen press F2 and select Diagnostics
  4. Once you reach the IBM Memory Test Page, select Quit è Quit to DSA
Lenovo Employee Jokullin
Lenovo Employee
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Re: DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

Hi pinochio79,


If you don't want to reboot to collect DSA by F2, you can use portable DSA to capture the log per remote from a windows system,then DSA log will be saved in C:\IBM_Support. The command as below:


ibm_utl_dsa_dsyte1d-9.61_portable_windows_x86-64.exe --vmware-esxi rootSmiley Tongueassw0rd@


Note: “root” is esxi‘s user

           “passw0rd” is esxi’s password

           “” is esxi host IP

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Re: DSA bootable CD for x3650 M5

Ok I collected the DSA logs but its not showing compelte information,

example I have one memory module and disk failure, but in DSA logs faulty memory module is not showing so I am unable to determine which slot number is the actualy faulty, also disk section is greyed out. so this DSA is not useful to track.

How to sort this? kindly advise.



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