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X3550 M4 change fan/temperature thresholds

2021-06-11, 19:45 PM



I have a X3550 M4 that is being VERY loud.

The fans spin up to 7xxx RPM and stay there, and I have to manually

override it with IPMI to calm it. I have a cron job that sets them to low every 5 seconds.


I was wondering, is there an IPMI-command that allows me to change the

ambiant-temperature threshold? I want it to be slightly higher before the fans

start to spin up.


Thank you!


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Re:X3550 M4 change fan/temperature thresholds

2021-06-18, 7:42 AM


Some thinking about your issue:

Are you sure the VERY load symptom is caused by the ambiant temp? How did you determine it?Are there any alert LEDs light on?


If it was indeed caused by the ambiant temp, suggest to keep the machine working environment(eg. temp) to be the requested as the machine's USER Guide. Such as add cooling facility for it. And we will not suggest to tune the ambiant temp threshold which might be danger/harmful to the machine.


If it doesn't matter with the ambiant temp, then need to think about if it is because of the internal temp high? such as CPU temp too high/few thermal greese now due to old machine? or workload too big? or any invalid parts installed? or some other part abnormal(could take a mini config test to see which part the loud followed)?


Or, could also consider if it is a known issue of the IMM FW? try to update the IMM, UEFI to web latest.



Or consider if the cards Driver/FW too old? try to update the cards driver/FW to the web latest.


Or try to AC power cycle the machine to see if it works?


There are may possibilities about this symptom, suggest to take a check by the above mentioned possibilites.

Hope it helps you.





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Re:X3550 M4 change fan/temperature thresholds

2021-06-22, 6:21 AM

Hi sir,


The temperature threshold can't be changed through IPMI command, it's designed to protect the device such as processor or main chipsets on system board.

The FAN speed will be controlled according to the current temperature, if the temp became high, the fan speed will be higher for cooling down.


If it's not the temp issue but something wrong with the fans, there should be fan error led light on the operator panel, you can also try to look through the IMM event log to check if there is any warning or errors.


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Re:X3550 M4 change fan/temperature thresholds

2021-06-25, 18:00 PM

Hi, I have tested and confirmed that ipmitool commands:

ipmitool raw 0x3a 0x07 0x01 0x01

ipmitool raw 0x3a 0x07 0x02 0x01


work in x3550 M3 and M5. since fan commands should be the same between generations, this should work for you too.


I have attached my own edited version of the fan control script. note it runs on Perl and requires lm-sensors and ipmitool. note that the fan zones might be a little different. if so, then also add:

ipmitool raw 0x3a 0x07 0x03 0x01

ipmitool raw 0x3a 0x07 0x04 0x01




set custom fan curves at your own risk.





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