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x3650 M4 shuts off immediatly - board error ?



I have 2 ibm x3650 M4 behaving the same way.

When I power them on, they power supply fan goes on, than the system fans start for 0.5 seconds, than the system shuts down completely. After a while the orange board error led goes one.

I have replaced the mother board already – but same symptom. Am I missing something? Is 2nd motherboard bad too?


I have disconnected everything, same behavior. No output on screen.



What should I  do?





Lenovo Employee naoym
Lenovo Employee
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Re: x3650 M4 shuts off immediatly - board error ?

Hello. x3650user.

Thank you for joining community.


Are you able to access to IMM2 (System management processor) from your PC? 


Connect Ethernet cable to "Ethernet port for IMM" (below figure3 image) . You aready replaced system board so IP address of IMM2 may be default ( set static address /24 to opposite PC and access to IMM2 via browser

Default IMM2 user id / password is  "USERID/PASSW0RD" (0 is zero).  After log in to IMM2,  check event log and see any warning/error detected. like memory, CPU, system board, power supply etc...


Amber LED (orange) are lit so something h/w error may be recorded. Initially suggest tocheck what message are detected on IMM2.


Thank you.


Lenovo Employee Jokullin
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Re: x3650 M4 shuts off immediatly - board error ?



Please collect IMM log and try to minimize/swap parts test, if get the same problem, please contact IBM hotline for support,maybe some parts failed need to replace.

Lenovo Employee Karl11
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Re: x3650 M4 shuts off immediatly - board error ?

Dear x3650 user,

At current stage with your symptom described, since the symptom is solid and you have 2 machines, I would suggest you to do a mini configuration test with individual machine, if still couldn't isolate the fault parts, you can do swap parts test between the 2 machines.

About mini config test: that means just install one CPU, one DIMM, one PSU, FANs, then power on test again to see if issue persist, if not, install back other parts, only install back one part each time and test again, till test all the other parts, with this method, try to test Each part in the machine to see if could isolate the fault part.


Use mini config test to test each of the 2 machines.

You may even swap parts between the 2 machines till find out the fault part.

Be careful in the process of installation and uninstallation, it is better not to introduce new damages.

Do a visual inspection to the part when you uninstall and install it to see if any damage.

Install all the cables correctly and well.


With the mini config test, I believe you could find out the fault part, and this need a little patience, but little cost.


Hope it helps you.



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