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How to check that my T410s has indeed a replaced fan?

Hi everyone,


I sent my T410s to a small shop for fan replacement. They told me they would replace the defective one with a brandnew one.


I have got it back from the shop but I want to check to make sure that the fan is indeed replaced with a new fan rather than the current one.


Without disassembly the laptop, how can I check that the fan is a new/different one from the previous that comes with the laptop when I bought it?


Thanks so much

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Re: How to check that my T410s has indeed a replaced fan?

Well since the old one was not working right the obvious answer is to ask yourself, is the fan working? You can also simply remove the keyboard to look at the fan, if it is a new one it should be clean. Another thing you should do is always ask for the old parts back when you have a computer worked on, they are your property after all. This makes it harder for the shop to claim they did work that was not performed.

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Re: How to check that my T410s has indeed a replaced fan?

there is no real easy way of checking whether the fan is replaced or not, since there is no unique serial number to identify the part that you can track.

But you can take keyboard off and check to see if the fan vane has any dusts on it or not. Old fan will have some dust particle stuck to the surface even when they are cleaned, new one will have a waxy clean vane surface.

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