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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎08-25-2011

Is there a GPS in the T420?

I bought a T420 in August, but I uninstalled Windows and replaced it with my current Linux distribution. I haven't had any problems with the hardware, but I just came upon a post on a forum that mentioned a GPS being integrated with the WWAN card. Is this true, is there a built into the WWAN card? If so, can someone point me to documentation on it, and possibly the model number/specs if possible? Thanks!

Broadband 3G
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Re: Is there a GPS in the T420?

If you have a WWAN card you have GPS. Use the System Update util to grab your drivers and you'll be setup. You may have to initialize the card to a carrier with the broadband setup utility before you can use GPS though, I just start the Verizon activation and close it after it initializes the card.

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Re: Is there a GPS in the T420?

You have to have ordered the WWAN (3G) module when you bought the T420. If you didn't then it won't have WWAN or GPS.
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