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Blue Screen Again
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T410 - need latest Nvidia driver


The latest nvidia driver which Lenovo lets me install for my T410 with NVidia NVS 3100M, Win7 64 bit, from their support site is However, when I use my integrated webcam for video chat using a few solutions, including Yahoo messenger video chat, the video flickers to the point that it is not usable. The flicker is between a scaled down version of the picture, and a zoomed in portion of the image, with the edges truncated.


From a colleague on a different model Thinkpad, he confirmed the latest NVidia drivers resolve this. However, Lenovo doesn't have this driver available yet, and if I try to install it directly from NVidia, the installer tells me it can't find a compatible device when I try to run it.


Latest NVidia driver for the 3100M:


Any suggestions on how to get this applied to my machine?

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Re: T410 - need latest Nvidia driver



This is unofficial source for working laptop nvidia drivers

You can get latest Nvidia drivers there that work on T410

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-28-2010
Location: USA

Re: T410 - need latest Nvidia driver

Thanks for the link, unfortunately that seems to tell me that it's not compatible either when I attempt the install. Very confusing since I am attempting to install the 260.99 NVidia drivers, which claim support for my T410's MVS 3100M. I'm stuck

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Re: T410 - need latest Nvidia driver

If you have an Optimus switchable model, then it may not be able to use NVidia's stock drivers; Lenovo's implementation seems to be slightly different from most Optimus implementations, and thus may render stock drivers incompatible.
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