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T410 screen brightness dims / washes out on battery


My T410 (i5-520M, intel graphics, WGXA+ screen, 65W battery) and I've noticed that when I'm on battery power, the brightness of the screen is unstable.  I'm not talking about the brightness kicking down several notches when it sits idle.  It wavers or flickers slightly, kind of like watching the 40hz refresh flicker on a CRT.  Sometimes the brightness fades in or out by up to a full notch relative to the normal brightness control, like it's being underpowered.  It happens at any battery level, but does not happen when I'm plugged in.



This symptoms may be resolved a number of ways - the recommendation is to update to video driver version or later from the support site.





[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where the screen's contrast ratio might randomly change when
  powered by the battery


--> Driver download - Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit) and Vista (64-bit)


As a work around, you can disable the power saving technology checkbox within the Intel video control panel.


T410 GPU Power setting.jpg

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