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Token Ring
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Re: T500: How long does the battery last while unplugged?

Don't have that issue. I left my laptop for 2 months and it has somewhere between 50~85% power.

T500 2081 CTO ~ T9600 2.8GHz ~ WXP Pro 32bit ~ WSXGA+ 15.4 LED ~ATI 3650 ~ 4GB DDR3 RAM ~ 500GB WD 7200rpm
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Punch Card
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Re: How long does the battery last while unplugged?

@matram  No confusion here on power states.  I'm definitely powering off.  I've tried turning off pretty much everything in the BIOS with no luck.  If I take the battery out, it loses almost no charge, so it's not a self discharge problem either.  I may end up contacting Lenovo about it. 

Serial Port
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Re: How long does the battery last while unplugged?

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@ggruen: My battery was inside the T500 and this was into the docking station with this unplugged and un-powered the whole period during vacation. I now remove battery from the notebook and will wait about 10 days to see how much charge disappeared.


Most likely it makes a difference whether the battery is inside the notebook inside the docking station (even unpowered) or totally off tthe unit ...... I guess.