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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎03-24-2011
Location: Croatia

Thinkpad T410 sleep problem

Did anybody encounter this behavior?
When I put my T410 to sleep with a DVDROM in Ultrabay slot (or if it's empty), it wakes up without any issues.
But, whenever I use a HDD in the Ultrabay adapter, after going to sleep without problems, I cannot get it to wake up. If I remove the HDD before going to sleep, no problems. But if it stays in there, thinkpad doesn't wake up.
There is a short HDD and wireless light flash but light around the power button still blinks like it's asleep.
I've tried multiple drives to the same result.
I am using Thinkpad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III.
I am suspecting it may be related to PGP 10.1.2 on Windows 7 as it appears that PGP has a bug that doesn't allow clean usb safe removal but I cannot pinpoint it.

Any help is welcome

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Re: Thinkpad T410 sleep problem

Can you check to see if your system is up-to-date using System Update? There MAY be a relevant hotfix somewhere in there.
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