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Registered: ‎12-08-2010
Location: singapore

help! sd card reader problem

im using w510, which share the same card reder with T series and i'm using win7 64 bit system. the SD card reader doesn't work properly.

when i insert the 8GB SDHC card, somtimes it can be recognized, sometimes cannot, actually , it;s really random.

at first, i thought it's a hardware problem of the card reader itself, maybe poor contact...but later on i found, if i restart the system or just close the cover to make the windows sleep and open, the card will be recognized, so i think it should be of software problem i have updated the driver to the latest version, but it still keep's really weird...

does anyone have the similar case?

i really appreciate who will give me some idea.

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Re: help! sd card reader problem

There's a Windows Update that I think is relevant to SDHC cards larger than 4GB. It should show up in System Update or under Windows Update in the Recommended list.

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