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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎03-21-2008
Location: Europe

Sleep/Hibernation problem

Hello I own T61 from 10 days with Vista Biz but switched to XP pro before it's first boot because it came with ni OS on IT :smileyhappy: Anyway the build date ot my T61 is around Chinise New Eve :smileyhappy: I had the same Problem witch Fn+F4 for standby, my machine comes online by it self after couple of 10 minutes :smileyhappy: I tried few things: I was woried about 3rd party program witch wake's up my machine. So I disabled in BIOS all BOOTING opions for the lan, and for dwo days my Lenovo gose in Stand-by corectlly without wake's up by it self. :smileyhappy: I hope my expierence will help you.