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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎06-30-2009
Location: Philadelphia, PA

T60 Trackpoint Scroll Disfunctional when Switch User

I've been experiencing the issue where if a single user is logged into XP, the trackpoint scroll feature works flawlessly, BUT, if you use the XP switch user function and have 2 people logged in at the same time, the trackpoint scroll feature breaks down and doesn't work right.


This is what I've found (short of re-booting the system): User1 logged on --> Switch User to User2, the scroll feature will work, BUT if you Switch User back to User1 the trackpoint scroll doesn't work anymore :smileysad:  So, to get it to work right for User1 again, Switch User back to User2 and Logoff --> Log back in with User1 and should work again.


I've done all the driver uninstall/re-install excercises and have tried the native synaptic drivers too....  This just seems to be the way this works (unfortunately).


Ironically, my old T30 had seemingly the same hardware, but I never had this problem with it... it was seemless when Switching Users.  Funny, I bought a ThinkPad T because I love the trackpoint... I wish they would get it to work right :smileytongue:


So, anyone else experience this?  Any fixes?