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Real world battery life?

2019-07-08, 13:11 PM

I'm looking at the ThinkBook as a student laptop. The specs all look good, but the 45Wh battery causes me to hesitate. 


How is the battery in real-life use? I know this is hard to quantify, but relative to the 45Wh spec what has been your experience?


Also, I assume from the pics and specs that you cannot even cold-swap batteries - correct?



Solved! See the solution

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Re: Real world battery life?

2019-07-12, 17:51 PM
I have the ThinkBook 14s. The battery is internal like most thin and light laptops. The 14s has a dedicated AMD video card so the 13s will give you more battery life. I like my battery life on the 14s and fan rarely turns on. Below is my review that I submitted to Lenovo after I purchased and used it for a couple weeks. Hope that helps.
Being an IT Professional I've seen quite a few laptops, especially Lenovo ThinkPad T Series laptops. Those are great business professional laptops. However, they are expensive but worth it if you have the ability to purchase one. However, I've been waiting for Lenovo to hopefully release a business professional laptop at a price small businesses can afford. This is it!! This laptop has mostly everything I was hoping for. Pros: Great looking durable gray metallic laptop with a backlit keyboard. My favorite feature is the fingerprint reader integrated into the power button and gets me logged into Windows 10 super fast. Screen quality is very good and the sound can actually get loud. It's thin, light, and very portable. I can have multiple windows and programs open and it is still fast. I really like that the fan placement is in the back and not on the side. The fan rarely turns on and when it does I hardly notice it. Cons: This laptop is advertised as having 10 hours of battery life. However my experience has been 6 - 7.5 hours depending on what apps I'm using. I consistently have Outlook, OneNote, and Teams running. I also use an app to remotely connect to my clients' PCs to service them. So really considering all that, the battery life for my use is acceptable. Your mileage may vary. I was just hoping I could get closer to the 10 hour mark. But in reality I will not need to use this laptop on battery for that long of a time. Plus it wears the battery out faster running solely on battery for extended periods of time. Overall I would easily recommend this laptop to anyone especially cost conscious small businesses. Thank you Lenovo for making a high quality laptop for the small business segment.

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This helped me too


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Re: Real world battery life?

2019-08-11, 16:55 PM

I installed Linux (Manjaro, XFCE) on it, and I get 10 hours of youtube - easily.


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Re: Real world battery life?

2019-09-19, 17:14 PM
My experience with Windows 10 default, working with my 13s is 6 hours easily without paying attention to the battery, that is the balanced mode is in Better Performance not in Better Battery. So I think moving to Better battery I can get 8 hours.

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Re: Real world battery life?

2019-10-08, 6:22 AM

Hello Niko3100,

I Have thinkbook 13s and I get only 6 hours with battery set to balanced(better battery) running youtube. I have laptop from 3 days. What drivers did you install, do you have latest bios update, brightness procent? Please give me all information.




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