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100% system/cpu fan on M90p Desktop (ThinkCentre)

Good day 


Issue with 100% cpu and system fan which started happening yesterday.  Combined fans sound like a small Jet Engine


Things that may of caused this issue

  1. Upgrade Bios from 5JKT64A(ithink) to 5JKT65A (02 Sep 2014)
  2. Put in a 1050TI video card to test with
  3. Reloaded bios defaults
  4. played with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)
  5. Power off at wrong time
Things I've tried to solve the issue
  • Redone the heat sync cpu paste (was dried out)Used one stick in Bank 1 (closest memory blue slot to CPU)
  • Have tried different memory sticks
  • Tried the M58 reset steps (Power down, yank battery, set cmos jumper to 2/3 etc - had a M58 which had the same issue and was able to fix) but no luck.
  • played with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)

Has anyone else had this issue, and been able to succesffuly fix the issue?


Any assistance is appreicated as this is driving me NUTTS!




M90p Desktop (ThinkCentre)  - Machine Type Model: 5498RS2

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