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Adding Second SATA Hard Drive Caused a Long Pause or Hang During POST -- The Fix.

I added a second SATA hard drive (Seagate) to a Lenovo A60 8700CTO desktop computer with a Western Digital SATA HD. After moving the undesired drive out of the boot order list in BIOS, the wait for Windows to begin booting (which it eventually did) was about 60 seconds. Repeatedly.

The conditions under which the A60 now boots reliably and fairly rapidly are:
1. The motherboard has labels -- SATA 1 and SATA 2. Plug the desired boot drive into SATA 1. Belarc Advisor confirms SATA 1 (the boot drive) as drive 0 under Local Drive Volumes:
c: (NTFS on drive 0)     245.54 GB     176.36 GB free
e: (NTFS on drive 1)     1000.20 GB     997.48 GB free

The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT) under System Info also confirms which is drive 0. Windows Device Manager/Disk Drives shows one drive as "Location 0, primary ATA channel" and the other "Location 0, secondary ATA channel" SiSoft Sandra may also confirm.

2. In BIOS under Network Setup disable "PXE Boot Agent." This made for faster bootup and broke the logjam.

3. In BIOS under Startup Sequence, the following order established itself  during the successful restart:
(I had made earlier changes)

1. Diskette Drive A:
2. IDE HDD: WDCWD2500JS...
4. USB KEY: (blank)
5. USB FDC: (blank)
6. (blank)
7. (blank)
8. (blank)
If the following line is in the startup sequence it will disappear after you disable PXE Boot Agent and reboot: (This is the Reaktek PXE boot agent)

PCI BEV: MBA v9.0.12 Slot 0340

Excluded from boot order:
(All other drives, including the new Seagate SATA)  



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