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What's DOS?
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BOTH hard drives (Seagate) are corrupted within a week on fairly new computers

My husband and I purchased two Lenovo desk tops a little over 2 years ago, one for each of us.  I have always loved lenovo computers and trusted that they would work well. We have a ThinkPad that is running strong since 2011. So, last week, my computer would not boot no matter what I tried. It was the blue screen.  We took it to a computer tech who said that the hard drive was corrupted and needed to be replaced. $250 and he was able to recover a lot of my data but no software, emails, etc. as you may know happens with this sort of thing. So, I had to get it working quickly because I use my computer for work. Our income is modest, maybe $35,000 together just to give you an idea of why we find this so expensive. That was last week. So this morning, my husband's computer did the same thing. I assumed this was an unusual thing but I guess not...really, the same problem within a week with two different computers? The computers are identical and. like I said, we purchased them at the same time.  He is on his way to the computer shop now with his computer assuming it is the same issue nd we have to pay another $250 to get a new hard drive. I have had Lenovos last so much longer. And now the Lenovo safety performance checks and all are gone. In fact, it had just done a performance check indicating that all was well right before, the actual day of, my hard drive crashing. It was a Seagate; Barracuda; 500 GB; S/N: W3T0WETC Have you heard of this? It is the Lenovo ThinkCenter and we purchased online. Has anyone else had this happen or heard of a problem with this hard drive? It seems no coincidence to me that both computer hard drives failed at the same time. We house our computers in two separate buildings on two separate networks. I am disappointed. And, no, we do not have a current warranty or warranty plan.  And, yes, we do an online backup of our documents, etc. If anyone has any thoughts on or experience with this, please share.  Thank you.

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