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Paper Tape
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Blue screen after the first windows 7 startup

I have brand new Thinkcentre M810z OS free.

I am trying to install windows 7 pro x64 and after installation in the first startup blue screen coming after windows logo.

Any help?

Thank you

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Re: Blue screen after the first windows 7 startup

Please provide the specs on your M810z.  Did it come with Win10 pre-installed?  How did you make it "OS-free", i.e. what did you do after taking it out of the box?


Also, how did you create the Win7 install media you're using?  Is it original "retail", or did you create it yourself with some utility?  Presumably it's on USB flash drive (maybe?), so how did you build that? 


Win7 doesn't officially support 7th-generation CPU and chipset (Kaby Lake).  Is that what's in your M810z?


Win7 can support 6th-generation CPU and chipset (Skylake), but the original retail Win7 installer (on CD, or ISO) is missing the needed USB 3.0 driver which is required by Skylake hardware.  Also, the original Win7 installer doesn't know anything about new NVMe SSD devices.


So you actually CAN install Win7 to a Skylake machine, but it requires the addition of USB 3.0 drivers to the original Win7 install media.  Also, if you are targeting an NVMe drive for the installed Win7 then you also need to add NVMe drivers to the Win7 install media.


This is a well known issue (for years), and there are several utility programs that can "slipstream" the needed USB 3.0 and NVMe drivers into a standard CD Win7 install ISO to produce a new bootable USB Win7 installer.  But you MUST create modified Win7 install media absolutely at least with USB 3.0 drivers in order to install Win7 to a Skylake machine.



That said, please clarify your own situation with more details.


What specific hardware and Windows configuration did you buy from Lenovo, what was delivered by Lenovo, and how did you get here to an OS-free environment on which Win7 got installed?


Most importantly, how did you create your Win7 install media?


Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎02-24-2018
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Re: Blue screen after the first windows 7 startup

It’s os free OTB.

Thank you very very much for your answer.

I install windows 8.1 and it works perfect.

its was what you said about adding drivers for ssd and usb 3.0 on windows iso.

Thanks the Lenovo community and Forum

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