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Boot Option for PCIe (PCI Express) Card on A51?

System: A51 Tower (8138-D4U)

BIOS: 2FKT25A (date 2006-09-14)



I recently bought a 650GB SATA2 drive for the above system along with the following PCIe SATA2 controller card so as to maximize the new drive's throughput:


MassCool PCE-S401 (Silicon Image sil3531 chipset)


Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the system to boot off this card.  Have tried the card in both PCIe slots (there are two; 1x & 16x)  and pretty much all the BIOS startup boot options that seemed logical (to me anyways...).   The drive works fine when connected directly to any of the on-board SATA1 ports and, booting off a live CD, I'm able to read & write to the new drive via the PCIe controller card.


Am I overlooking a BIOS option or is it simply missing?


A Lenovo Forum search turned up a "Petition for PCIe Boot Option" on the IdeaPad board; perhaps ThinkCentre systems should be added to the petition?







9/6/2009 Addendum:

After looking up the specs for the earlier PCIe v1.x standard it seems this system would not benefit all that much from the SATA II controller card.  Unless I calculated wrong, PCIe v1.x has a max. throughput of 250 MB/s which would be the limiting factor on a SATA-II controller (384 MB/s max.).  The on-board SATA 1.x controllers have a max. throughput of 1.5 Gb/s (192 MB/s) so at most I'd see a 58 MB/s gain.  I still think there ought to be a PCIe boot option (hint hint Lenovo) but I'm not so concerned about getting this controller card bootable.  Another item for ...

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Re: Boot Option for PCIe (PCI Express) Card on A51?

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