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Brand new M715Q will not wake after sleep.

Bought it brand new direct from Lenovo, it has not worked correctly since day one. It is a M715Q Tiny.

When computer goes to "sleep" (which it cannot actually do, it is not alive) it will not "wake up". Fan runs a full speed, and green power button just flashes off and on. Absolutely nothing will restart it except to unplug the power supply.


Spent hours and hours trying to get ahold of Lenovo support, after many hours over a few days of cussing and swearing, I was able to talk to someone. They filed some sort of reapir order. The next day I was told via e-mail the part for the computer was back ordered and no release date. I purchased the thing 3 May 2017!

No one ever looked at it, nothing, how do they know what's wrong with it? I've been trying for a month to get it fixed, it is almost useless!

If I set it so it cannot "sleep" it seems to work, but that is not the solution!

I need to use the thing a work, but can't rely on it.

Any ideas? It has to be a software problem. I've done all the lenovo updates and tests, nothing works!


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Re: Brand new M715Q will not wake after sleep.



I have exactly the same issue. I noticed it immediately after purchase. I contacted technical support and after a series of failed tests they advised me to change the motherboard. Unfortunately, they couldn't find a replacement motherboard. They eventually advised me to return the device. I intend to return the device next week, but I prefer to find a solution and keep the devise. Any ideas?



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Re: Brand new M715Q will not wake after sleep.

Hi all,

Have you tried to update your BIOS? Download and install the BIOS from this link to see if it could fix your issue. 


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Re: Brand new M715Q will not wake after sleep.

Hi DT250E,


We are having the exact same issue.  I've worked with support and they said they needed to replace the system board.  It was back ordered for 4 weeks.  Since it was brand new, I went to my reseller and had them send me a new one.  EXACT SAME ISSUE.  I can't upgrade the BIOS.  They now have a new BIOS version out; different from what I was trying before.  Doesn't help.  I've tried running it from windows, manually from windows, USB stick and bootable CD.  None work.  It acts like it installed, goes to a black screen.  After I power cycle and check the firmware it is still the old one.  I am going crazy with this issue!  Did you find anything else out.  Has anyone else solved this problem?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Brand new M715Q will not wake after sleep.

I found the solution to this issue:


Looks like support has acknowledge it as a problem and has provided a file for a fix.  I followed their instructions and it worked.  It looks like this was released 7/9/17.  What is unfortunate is that I've spoken to support since this was relased and they were working on replacing the system board instead.  I wish they would all know about these fixes.  I only found this one after doing a very specific google search.  Hopefully this helps the OP and others.

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