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CMOSHW jumper

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Hi everyone,

i have questions about jumpers. Specifically about clr_cmoshw which is near battery:

1. what is good for

2. how can i fix my computer after switching this jumper, cause after that my computer just starts for 10-15 seconds without any image, spinout fans and turn off.. and again and gain...

3. who had so great idea place such a destructive jumper near battery where are usually placed BIOS clear jumpers :-)


thank you for any advice

sorry for english


my computer is ThinkCentre M58p (9965-A5G)

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Re: CMOSHW jumper



In regards to your Query , Please refer below for details


The CMOS is a computer chip responsible for storing settings of a computer system. The word "CMOS" is actually an acronym which stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.


Most users have undoubtedly witnessed a message stating "Press DEL or IF  to enter Setup", or something similar when a computer has been powered on. If the DEL or F1 key is pressed at this instance, something called a CMOS utility screen would appear on the screen. Various hardware settings can be manipulated on this screen, such as the geometry of a hard drive, which device to boot first, and so on. And You will save those settings


The Jumper which is placed on the Mother Board for clearing CMOS , Typically the "clear cmos" is 3 pins with a 2 pin jumper. 


You can clear CMOS by shorting 2-3 pin while the system is off.Then return to 1-2 pin position. Avoid clearing the CMOS while the system is on; it will damage the mainboard.


When you set the cmos jumpers to the clear setting the computer  turns on and the n Off  this is a normal process of reseting the Bios .


Once you have cleared the CMOS set the jumper to default Position and then start the system .


You will be prompted with a Message to Enter in to Bios . Press Del or F1 to enter Bios


Now you can set the Bios to default value save and your system is ready to start the Operating system



I hope this helps


Best Regards



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Re: CMOSHW jumper

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