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Can I run two monitors on M 90 systems?

by Lenovo Staff on ‎02-26-2012 08:49 AM (847 Views)


We are planning to buy some M 90 systems and use them with 2 monitors each, working independently.


Do I have to install any special NVIDIA graphic card or is the built-in graphic processor enough?  



The combination of the built in Intel integrated graphics coupled with a dedicated graphics processor from either Nvidia or ATI (depending upon model of M90 series systom) will support multiple displays.  The external displays will need to connect through the VGA and DisplayPort (DP) connections (1 display to each port).


Overview specifications of M90 series available on the support site here.   Please select specifc model (3245, 3491, etc) from the support navigation to view the specification specific to your particular model.


Graphic performance can vary depending upon the specific model of M90.  

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I've attached one external monitor to ThinkCentre M93Z thru the display port and its working fine. But when I attach 2nd external monitor to VGA port, it does not work.  Is this possible with the Intell HD Graphics 4600 card that came installed?