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Paper Tape
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Can I use my function keys as function keys?

Hi all.


I was just given a ThinkCentreA70 for work. The keyboard with it has an Fn key to the right of the function keys. That's fine.


However, if I want to use my function keys as function keys (e.g. hitting F1 for help in a program), I have to hit this Fn key before I hit the function key.


I use my computer for work, so I don't need these keys to alter my volume, put my computer to sleep, play a CD, etc. I'll never use these keys for this.


I'm a programmer, so I use my function keys a lot. In Excel, I use keyboard shortcuts ALL the time (<Alt><F11> to open up the VBE window, <Shift><F11> to insert a new worksheet, etc.). So now instead of a two-key keyboard shortcut, it's a three-key shortcut.


Is there a way to disable the Fn key or to alter something on my PC to make the Fn key permanantly pressed (or toggled the inverse of the default)?


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Re: Can I use my function keys as function keys?

hey Mill89,

on the part of disabling the FN key, i suggest uninstalling the Hotkey drivers/software from your unit.

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Re: Can I use my function keys as function keys?



Serge1410's suggestion is interesting, but you may also want to keep the hotkey function.


There are two suggestions on this thread which may help.


1) There seems to be a setting in the BIOS..


"In BIOS settings, under config/keyboard & mouse, I have an option labelled "Fn Key Lock". With this option enabled, the F1-F12 keys work as you described - ie changing volume, brightness etc. With this option disabled, the F1-F12 keys work as normal F keys."


2) There may also be a program included with the system that allows some remapping of the keys...


Obviously, preloads can be different between models and depending which OS you are running, but you might check out another customer's observation that "... a small program that's loaded on the PC titled 'Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard'.  Clicked on that program, and it's only function appears to be to allow you to change how the function keys operate."




Paper Tape
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Re: Can I use my function keys as function keys?

That was it!


Thank you so much. I actually exchanged my keyboard for a 'normal' one because I couldn't find a solution to the problem.


My computer does indeed have that program on it. The program just pulls up a little form with a checkbox on it. You have to check the box to make your function keys perform as function keys by default.


I assume this program toggles the BIOS setting.

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Re: Can I use my function keys as function keys?



I have ThinkPAD E420. 


It is very simple. 

You go to BIOS Setting and Change the setting as listed below.


For this restart you computer and press F1 Key when thinkpad screen is displayed.

Then go to Keyboard and mouse option.

Select Option 3 (F1 TO F12) in which select Legacy Option to use Function key as function key.





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