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Changing Boot Order in BIOS and having it save.

Okay, I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre 7373CTO. And i would like to use multiple drives. i could do it on any other machine.

Anyways. i start the pc i go into setup i go to boot order to make sure my Hitachi boot drive is #1 so my other drive that simply holds files is not reconized to boot from, so i change the boot order i re arrange it just he way i like it. and i go to the EXIT tab. The Save and Exit option is always greyed out and it always makes me exit without saving. I need to know how to save it.

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Re: Changing Boot Order in BIOS and having it save.

What is on the Hitachi drive you are trying to set to be first in the boot sequence?  Is it already prepared and contains a bootable Windows?  How did you create the contents of this Hitachi drive?


Are you running Win7?  Is the Hitachi drive partitioned with MBR or GPT?  How big is it, and what's on it?


If MBR, is there a 100MB "system reserved" partition (marked "active", so that the BIOS knows to go there to start the boot process) on it that contains Boot Manager?


Has your original drive been scratched completely and re-purposed/re-partitioned for "data" yet?  Or does it still contain the original contents (including, presumably, your old bootable Windows environment before building the new environment on the Hitachi drive), awaiting the successful migration to the Hitachi drive as your new boot drive?


In other words, can you still boot to the original drive?  If so, can you then run DISKMGMT.MSC and take a screenshot (with columns spread so that all text is readable) showing current contents of both drives and all partitions on both drives, and post it here?

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