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We  recently purchased a number of Thinkcentre M58 machines, and are having problems getting dual monitors to work with these machines. We are setting them up with one monitor connected to the VGA port and a 2nd monitor connected to the Displayport via a Displayport to VGA dongle.


The problem is that the 2nd monitor on the Displayport will not wake. POST is displayed on the 1st monitor, and when Windows has loaded, only the 1st monitor shows a display, while the 2nd monitor remains in sleep mode.


In display settings it is possible to activate the 2nd monitor, at which point it wakes up and the user can continue using both screens. If the user shuts down or restarts the machine they have to manually activate the 2nd monitor every time they log in.


The same thing happens on Windows XP and Windows 7 machines, and I have also tried using a number of different monitors, all of which have the same problem.


Has anyone else experienced issues in getting the 2nd monitor on the Displayport to work correctly?  


If you are using the onboard integrated graphics card of the M58p and M58, and want to use two external monitors. You should set the primary display to displayport and secondary display to vga in both the windows and bios environment.



For the bios environment:


Press the Enter key when your desktop just boots up, then select BIOS option.


Once you entered the bios menu, then go into 'devices' and then Video Setup. In the video setup, there is an option for selecting the displayport as the primary display. Save and Exit once you have selected the correct settings.


Displayport will need to be configured as the primary device in both BIOS and in with Windows display settings


For windows environment:

Windows 7:


1) Right click on your desktop,

2) Select 'personalise'

3) Select 'Display'

4) Select 'Adjust Resolution'

5) Follow the instruction in the image below to make your monitor that is connected to the displayport the primary monitor.


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This is all fine and dandy if you are merely using the display port to hook up to a second monitor and don't care about audio capabilities. However, if you want to hook up your dispayport to an HDTV via a displayport-to-HDMI adapter, forget about using the integrated speakers on your TV. The intel G43/G45 display adapter chipset simply will not recognize HDMI audio.


Luckily I have a solution if you would like your M58p to support audio passthrough.


The pro: My solution works.

The con: my solution costs money (about 30 bucks).


Read all about it here:


Please help i look at the bios for my m58 and it doesnt give me the option of displayport please help i think it might be because of my bios verison 


Mark_lenovo does this apply to the M32 aswell?