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Downloaded ThinkCentre M55 drivers but all components still show exclaimation mark

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Started ‎07-12-2010 by
Modified ‎07-12-2010 by


It seems none of the drivers work which i downloaded from the lenovo page. I have a ThinkCentre M55 8808 CTO


I downloaded the drivers for the M55 series but in my hardware devices, ethernet, audio, vido, pci serial, sm bus controller, all of them have a question exclamation mark.


Why are the drivers not working?


You may have downloaded the drivers but did not start installation at all.


All the drivers in Lenovo Support will only be downloaded and unpacked into a folder called "DRIVERS" which the folder located in a drive where your system is installed. Common practice of system installation is usually in C drive.


To complete the installation, you have to go into the DRIVERS folder, for instance, C:\DRIVERS and install drivers manually from there. 

by Probe on ‎12-16-2010 01:25 AM

I have more or less the same problem with my M58 7360-AEG.

Did a full recovery after a crash. Now I can't get the drivers for Ethernet and PCI com's.


Have downloaded drivers, and installed them in the proper folder but stil I get the message that it can't be installed. Reason it claims is that the proper software can't be found. Have also tried via device manager and instal drivers by browsing to the correct folder, same problem and "answer".


Oh- by the way, yes I have unpacked them properly all according to instal file txt



by monty3360 on ‎10-08-2011 12:36 AM

Hi there


Know it has been a while since this post, but I have now come up againest a simular issue where have downloaded and installed drivers in many diffferant ways and having no luck the audio driver is the most one im concerned about

Machine is MT-M-8808-DVM

Any help would be greatly appriciated





by Administrator on ‎06-11-2013 02:16 PM



It has been a while since the last comment.  Some general suggestions for benefit of others.


1) Try running TVSU (System update) to get automated driver download and installation.

2) If you are manually installing, try to rebooting between the installs of different drivers.

3) Check the version installed in device manager.  Sometimes you can uninstall and delete the current version before doing the install of the new one to ensure it gets installed.



by Community SuperMod on ‎03-24-2015 04:19 PM
by shrek-nstein on ‎04-26-2015 05:02 PM

m55p no processor update found :