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E73 - new, went to sleep after create rescue media

i just got my E73 10AU00ESUS sff today.

just exploring and setting up appearances.


i decided to create a rescue disk so i popped in the dvd and started her up, then went to go watch tv.

3hrs later i came back and everything had gone dark!  my monitor was off, and i think the e73 was sleeping or something because the  power light was still on. i don't do hibernate ot sleep or any of those settings, so even though i thought that's what might be the case i still got a little frantic. i hit the monitor power and it came on, said "not connected" and turned off. i started to frantically hit buttons and finally everything went on.  i went into power settings but all that sleep/power saving settings were ALL OFF ("NEVER").


ummm, so what happened when i stepped away while the rescue disk was being created. btw,,,the rescue disk WAS created



Mod:  edited title with system type and clearer problem description

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Re: something happened and it made me nervous

Probably the default power plan includes putting the monitor to sleep after 20 minutes or something like that. The setting is for "turn off the display".  Right-click on desktop, select "personalize", select "screen saver", select "change power settings", then whichever power plan has its radio button checked click on the "change plan settings".  There you will see "turn off the display" and it probably shows "20 minutes".


Commonly you might have a screen saver kick in at say 5 minutes, and then after 20 minutes of no mouse movement or any key being pressed the monitor is put to sleep.  The amber light (power save) on the monitor will come on. The theory is you've gone away, so let's save some electricity on the screen.  Most useful for laptop screens when running on battery.


But the machine itself is not in "sleep" or "hibernation".  It's simply the monitor which has been placed into power-save mode. That's why your recovery disk function completed, because the machine itself is still operating normally.  It's just the monitor which has been placed into power-save because you haven't touched a key or moved the mouse for 20 minutes.


Just jiggle the mouse or touch the keyboard, and the monitor will be brought back to power-on life mode.

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