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Edge E73 w/SSD: two beeps on post, then loads Windows (Error 0162)

Hi All, 


This is my first post on these forums and I have recently in the last couple of months purchased the above computer. I have made a couple of upgrades to it, in the form of an SSD hard drive and using the Crucial memory scanner I have upgraded the ram from 4gb to 16gb. 


It now runs extremely fast indeed, but when I turn the computer on, when it posts it beeps twice, two short beeps, then continues to load windows 7 fine and works flawlessley. 


I have been trying to diagnose the two short beeps upon startup for a few weeks now and am getting no where fast. I found the following article on these very forums but the suggestions dont seem to have made a difference to my situation.


This issue can be intermittant, I would say it happens 6 to 7 times out of every 10 times the machine is turned on. Initially I wasnt getting any form of error on the screen at all, until I went into the BIOS, cleared the error log and rebooted the machine.


Then I got the error as follows - Error 0162 : Setup data integrity check failure


Now this error code does not seem to exist on the Lenovo website, I found the following links which were helpful in showing me all sorts of other codes and beep sequences, the first one lists the two short beeps and links to an error code list - and the error code list here - but alas my code is not listed. 


Below is a list of all the things I have done so far to try and remedy the problem - 


1. been into the bios and loaded optimized settings

2. Checked boot orders and made sure the hdd is the first one in the list

3. Updated the bios, the machine shipped with FCKT65AUS, which I have now flashed to FCKT73AUS

4. I have ran Memory tests and Hdd tests from within windows and all have come back to say no issues with either

5. In the bios the hdd and new memory is detected perfectly fine

6. The Bios is holding the date and time perfectly so I assume the bios battery is fine

7. I have reseated all cabled and connections and also reseated the memory also. 


I would be extremely grateful for any help, advice and suggestions, its driving me crazy with the double beep on post! 


Thanks in advance. 


Mod:  edited Subject line to clarify problem description

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Re: Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge E73 two beeps on post then loads windows perfectly fine - Please help

Lenovo has identified an issue where some ThinkCentre systems with Samsung PM871 SSDs may not boot as expected or return a 0162 error code during POST. Firmware has been released that resolves the issue.


To learn more, please see this Service TIP:


Thank you,

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