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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎02-11-2011
Location: Marin USA Ca.
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Exchanging DVD burner for hard drive?

[ Edited ]

OK. I just read my manual and they say you can do what I asked in the following and there is a HOT SWAPABLE 5.25 to 3.5 enclosure adapter  for this. I just have to find the best. That is good news!:  Please read the "oh also in the bottom:


I have an M58 7360AKU SFF PC with the E5200 cpu I just opened up my pc and discovered the dvd burner has the same connectors (data and power) as my sata drive. If I put a 2nd hard drive in there (taking the dvd drive out), will the bios allow that? And if  so, does Lenovo have any ready made braket adapter for this? 

I would then just use an external burner.   This is to make a portable live music system even more portable.


Thanks, John


Oh also...if I upgrade my cpu  do I have to also upgrade the graphics?  I just use the on board now..  Would it be the same if I upgrade to higher "E" series as  "Q" series?

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Re: Exchanging DVD burner for hard drive?

[ Edited ]
yes that will work. AFAIK Lenovo don't have any adapters that you want, but there are plenty of aftermarket converters that will work equally well (i don't think the thinkcentre supports hot docking).

Jin Li

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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎02-11-2011
Location: Marin USA Ca.
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Re: Exchanging DVD burner for hard drive?

Fantastic..yeah, I don't care about hot dock just the ease of putting in and pulling out.  I will make one system for home and a duplicate for road, both using that drive and maybe an esata.  Thanks Alot for the hot swap info.