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What's DOS?
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Factory Setting Restore Didn't Work

I decided to restore my system back to the original factory settings (after SW and network problems).  I used F11 - followed the menus and everything seemed to work fine.  I restarted the system (as it asked me to) and now I just get a black screen after it looks like its starting to boot up ok.  Any ideas?  (Also I already restored 2 times just to see if the 2nd time it would work).

Token Ring
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Re: Factory Setting Restore Didn't Work

Hi there


in general:


This package creates a bootable diskette that can be used to repair a corrupt boot sector on your primary hard drive. This package can also be used to reenable the F11 function as long as the service partition has not been removed from your hard drive.


Do you still have your recovery partition on disk ?

Are you trying a restore to factory state from it ?


Read the Chapter "Recovering software" in your  

ThinkCentre User Guide.pdf for your type model

Example for Machine Type 6176 found in Chapter 7

Or are you restoring a previously created product recovery set on CD/DVD created with R&R ?


Last resort if restore from recovery partition fails

Wipe Hard Disk. 

You need your previously created set of Product Recovery CDs


There are two options for creating recovery media; create recovery media and create product recovery media. The former is one boot disc; the latter is the recovery set , which you hopefully created previously. It is only possible to create one recovery set and the option to do this then dissapears


Remember that the Product Recovery CDs are designed to only create the recovery partition directly on the HDD itself!! Once all the RCDs are finished copying the files over to the HDD, the system will reboot and you will see the "Rescue and Recovery" screen again for a second time. This is because the recovery files are NOW AVAILABLE on the HDD itself!!


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