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File setupdd.sys could not be loaded.

2010-07-30, 6:11 AM

I have six CDs sent to me by Lenovo to restore the computer to it's factory settings.  It's two sets, one is a single CD and the other five are the second set.  The set of five will not start the computer.  The single CD does, but after a few minutes, says,



File setupdd.sys could not be loaded.
The error code is 32768.

Setup cannot continue.  Press any key to exit.


The machine fails to boot comlpetely.  It goes through the POST and then stops.  I can get it to boot to a CD.


I've had a few software problems and expected this might happen.  The last shutdown prior to my attempts to restore the factory settings failed to turn off the computer.


While I have a Windows XP Professional Edition CD, and I could theoretically try to install it on this machine, this machine has only SATA drives in it.  Windows XP Professional would require a floppy diskette with the appropriate drivers during it's initial startup to even begin to install correctly on this machine.  Furthermore, I am unsure if the Windows key provided on the machine would work with my copy of the OS.


I was under the impression these disks could work on a computer that didn't have the restore partition.  This machine was purchased refurbished; it's partition was missing when I bought it.


It's a ThinkCentre M55 model.





After some research, I found instructions on how to use the CD set I was given.  Here is the link to those instructions.


Lenove Support & Downloads - How do I recover my system using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery


The instructions do not include "insert your ThinkCentre M55 Driver Diskette and make sure Windows XP installs them."  The error occurs in what is labelled "step three" on that page.  I am supposed to let it go though that screen, and it will supposedly start the recovery tools automagically.


But this does not happen.  Does it expect there to be a recovery partition?  The computer is failing to boot completely.  Does it expect the machine to have a functioning Operating System, and certain software?  How are these supposed to help in a truly disasterous scenario like I have now?


Could the CD in question be defective?  Could it be the wrong CD?





There is some question about the condition of the hard disk drive.  I will toss Ubuntu on the computer to verify the hard disk drive is in good working order or not.  I've decided to test this with this installation.  Ubuntu is a good program for this particular diagnostic because it is a free, and if it works, will show the hard drive is in fact in good working order.


If the drive itself is damaged, I have a replacement drive available that should be able to take it's place.





Aside from the usual NIC failure associated with Intel boards, Ubuntu had no trouble working with the existing hard disk drive.  I was told to set it in the ATA-compatible mode, but the computer really doesn't seem to have one.  The drive itself is in good condition, it seems.  There was a "Serial ATA" mode that was noted as a "compatibility" mode.  I have no idea if it will work, but I'm trying it.  However, the last attempt didn't work, and I doubt it will work this time either, since the machine's taking it's merry time to boot on to the Rescue and Recovery CD.


Lenovo Tech Support seemed confused that I would have this problem, since the CD came directly from them that I'm trying to use to restore the machine.  But with inability to get past this error, I have no idea how to fix the problem.


I am reluctant to crack out a WinXP Pro CD.  But it may be the the only available option.  Could I use the recovery tools if I installed a copy of XP on the Lenovo ThinkCentre M55?  I have no idea.





As expected, the process failed yet again.





I've used the Windows XP Professional CD I had on hand to wipe all partitions off the offending drive, and am attempting to get the restore and rescue CD to work again.  I expect the same results, but we'll see what happens.




As predicted, the same error came up.  I'm going to have to try an hack this, without floppy diskettes.  I'm going to try to install a copy of XP Pro just to get the computer going.  Then I will see if I can run the software on the one CD.





Windows XP Professional Edition has copied files on to the hard disk drive.  I'm going to retry the restore CD again.  But I'm not expecting it to work this time, either.  Although it would be nice if it did.


It always seems to take about twenty minutes for it to decide the file setupdd.sys is missing.





It failed yet again.  I saw comments on various forums about RAM, so I removed the 4GB RAM I installed and replaced it with the original RAM that was in the machine when I got it.  I'm not holding my breath on this one.  If it works, I will reinstall my RAM and hope to high heaven I didn't wreck it in the process of getting the computer running again.





Not the RAM.  It failed again.  Trying it via the Windows XP Pro hack I'm trying.





The Windows XP Pro installation is going smoother than expected.





Windows XP Pro installed peachily.  Now I need to know how to use the restore CDs.





Lenovo told me that there's no way to use the new install of XP Pro to get the restore and recovery CD to restore and recover the factory settings.  The disk that's having the problem is the CD that normally installs the OS and some utilities to do the restore, and apparently there's no way to work around it.


Since the error in question appears to be somehow connected to XP Pro as the CD has XP Pro on it, they're guessing the disk is bad, which it very well may be.


The fact that I could get XP Pro to install on the machine, and it seems fairly stable, indicates that the machine can be setup for the disk to work, thus blowing the idea out of the water that the BIOS settings were interfering with the software installation, since I get the error even with the BIOS settings that I used to install XP Pro.

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