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How do I get firewire port on my Thinkcentre?

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Started ‎03-28-2011 by
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How do I get firewire port on my Thinkcentre?

by lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor on ‎03-28-2011 07:12 PM (1,974 Views)


How do I get firewire port on my Thinkcentre if there isn't one built in?


If your Thinkcentre did not come with the PCI firewire cards, you can purchase an aftermarket PCI firewire card and install it into your free PCI port to get the firewire port feature.  Here is an example card.


Punch Card

Hi I have a Lenovo M83 and I bought a new PCI firewire card as advised above but when I tried to fit it I found that it wouldnt fit into the motherboard connector. I have been checking for the correct Lenovo part and believe it to be 19K5790 or 19K5794 but these are about 10 times more expensive the the one I bought. Does anyone know of a cheaper option as I am trying to put Camcorder tapes onto DVDs. Thanks in advance Alan