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Install a NVMe M.2 in a M900 SFF

Want to install it in either of the circled areas. The other two PCIe slots have TV tuner cards in them and will not move them.


What do I need for the WiFi card slot (preferred) to make that work?


Any particular type of card for the PCIe slot? Not (or won't) use a video card.



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Re: Install a NVMe M.2 in a M900 SFF

My suggestion is to go with something like this StarTech PCIe->M.2 adapter card, which supports a full x4 speed M.2 NVMe SSD.  Since your x16 PCIe slot (26) is available that's where you'd install the StarTech card.  The card would use 4-lanes of the 16 available in this slot.  You'd install whatever M.2 NVMe SSD into the card.


According to the HMM for the M900 SFF the official M.2 connector (20) on the motherboard is apparently specifically for use by an M.2->PCI adapter card, which would provide you with a 32-bit PCI expansion slot (not PCIe, but PCI), which otherwise is not on the motherboard. So if you had an old 32-bit PCI card you wanted to use this would faciltate that.  But I don't believe it's actually intended for use by an x4 64-bit M.2 NVMe SSD.  Nor is it intended for an x2 M.2 WAN card.  But honestly, I'm just reading the manual and PSREF.


Nevertheless, the StarTech card approach in the x16 slot should work.

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