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I have the Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p, type 7360AkU and will be Installing the ATI RADEON  HD 3470  low profile 256 MB graphics card. Do I need to disable (uninstall driver?) my motherboard graphics card before I install the video card?  Do I disable it in BIOS/ setup too?


There is no need for you to disable the motherboard graphics card before installing another video card as installation is automatic, and the system will switch over when you insert the new graphics card into the PCle slot.

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was going to ask the same thing because when i installed my graphic card in the pc it is not detecting that i have a pci express card in it it just went blank what should i do?? and i tryed to change the bios settings but the pc looks like there is no gpu installed


Sorry about the link,if this one dosen't work;go to newegg and put it in there.


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I want dual monitors and purchased the GEForce GT630 Grpahics Card but it is icompatable.

Before I take it back to get something else I need to know if the Lenovo AMD Radeon HD 7450 1GB PCI will work and for dual monitors? And, I assume the system will recognize both monitors running off that Card..? I checked out the Bios and it has 3 options; Automatic, PEG and PCI. Have it set on Aufomatic right now.

Thanks for your help.




I have quite the same case as 'dennis141' with my H50-30g Desktop and a NVIDIA graphics card, no matter if GT210 or GT610 . The original OS on this machine was Win 8.1 , upgraded to Win 10 Home/Single Language.

A strange fact: Before uninstalling the GT610 it worked well, with all video ports working, no matter if from the Graphics Card or the on-board Display Port.

I followed the NVIDIA instructions to remove all NVIDIA drivers and to disable my Intel HD Graphics 4600 video adapter before install and reboot. 

Result: Hang on boot, black screen. After card removal: Everything back in perfect function.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and until soon, hoperfully!


Somtime you need to make changes in the BIOS or windows to not load the legacy hardware. ALso you may have a power issue, depending on the powersupply you have, you may not have enough power to run the card and any other "extras" you added you should check out a Power use calculator to make sure you are not overdrawing your power supply


Hey Boosh,

thank you for this valuable advice. I'll check that!

Cheers, T.


What is the maximum size power supply forM81 Tower?