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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo M58 (7244A35) ThinkVantage Tools and Lenovo Software Updates Error

How Error Occurred:

I ran System Update 4 which updated itself to 4.01.0015. Than when it ran again to do updates, the program gave the following error. "An error was detected with the package catalog for your system on the System Update Server. Please contact the Support Center." I contacted the support group and was told that the ThinkVantage Tools is no longer used. I was told to install Lenovo Solution Center. Then I tried Software Updates which opened the same utility - System Update 4.01.0015 (latest version as of this posting) only to have the same message.



I installed Lenovo Solution Center as stated in last paragraph of this post. I uninstalled ThinkVantage Tools and ThinkVantage System Update 4.01.

I reinstalled the latest ThinkVantage System Update 4.01 in Support - Drivers & Software update page for my product.

Now all my Lenovo  M58 (7244A35) system updates showed up and instaled.


Thank You Lenovo Web Content Team.

William Higinbotham - The ASCII Guy


Respose from Lenovo Web Content Team:

Thank you for your feedback. Kindly inform that ThinkVantage Tools has been sunset and has been replaced by Lenovo Solution Center. You can find more information of Lenovo Solution Center here:
However the ThinkVantage System update is a different application but both also presented you with same error, there might be issues with the shared libraries or missing of certain files Please provide us the tvsu_exe.log from C:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Updates\logs folder, as well as the XML file generated from C:\Program files\Lenovo\System Update\egather\IA.exe We will investigate from there and if necessary, we might suggest a remote access session with your approval via TeamViewer to help do some live troubleshooting on the spot.

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