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Lenovo M58p Desktop hangs when rebooted too quickly

This is a little confusing to explain, essentially when using "Restart" the computer will hang on the second Lenovo screen during boot up. It can shut down and turn on just fine, but it seems like if it tries to boot up too quickly from being turned off it hangs. If I use "Shut down" and let it rest for 20-30 seconds it'll boot up normally. It can also "progress" when encountering this problem, if it hangs and I turn it off but don't wait long enough it can go past the second Lenovo screen and hang on a black screen with a flashing "_" in the upper left hand corner, and if I repeat that it'll move onto a black screen with the blue Windows logo but no loading circle and hang there. I hope that makes enough sense to understand.


Now, it's not that big of an issue, like I said, everything else works fine. But when my computer will try to auto-restart after an update or if I'm reinstalling Windows and it needs to reboot itself then it ends up frozen and sometimes that ends up messing up the update or reinstallion. I'm not exactly the most educated with computers, but I noticed an option for Hard-Disk Pre-Delay in my BIOS and was wondering if enabling that could fix the problem, if not then any help fixing it would be appreciated.


And following the pinned post:

Model Number: 9965A9U 

System Type: x64

OS: Windows 10 Pro



(Can provide other specs if needed)

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