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Lenovo M910q - Optional Type-C USB Port

Hi - I recently got the Lenovo M910q as a warranty replacement for my broken M900.
  1. I'm now looking for the 'Optional TypeC port with U3/DP' internal cable but not having any luck finding it - can you please help?

  2. It seems that I wouldn't be able to use both a 'Display Port to HDMI' internal cable [which I already have and works fine] at the same time as a 'Type-C port with U3/DP' internal cable, even though there are two connectors on the main board and two 'Punch Out' ports on the chassis - is this true; and if so, is this only because it can only support one additional display out. I don't see why that would be the case when it mentions on the product page that it can have two additional DP ports (see below). So why not both? Would it be okay to have both the Type-C and HDMI connected if I didn't use the Type-C connection as a display connection; instead just as an ordinary USB data+power connection?

    Here are links to the:
    • Product Page - which mentions "2 x Punch Out (1: Serial/DP/HDMI/USB-C + 2: DP/VGA)";
    • Customize Page - which will only let you select either HDMI or Type-C but not both; and
    • User Manual: - note items 9 & 10 of page 4 '2 x Punch Out', and items 3 & 4 of page 6 (item 4 is labeled as a 'Storage drive fan connector' but this is where I have my working 'DisplayPort to HDMI Port' internal cable connected).
  3. Just out of curiosity, if it can support two additional DisplayPort ports, where does the second one connect to the main board? On page 6 of the User Manual, items 1 and 2 are both 'Serial connectors' and they are both the same-shape socket connector, item 3 is for the USB 3.1, and item 4 is for the DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA (mislabeled as storage drive fan connector? - and if it can only support one serial port, why does it have two connectors on the main board? - and who in 2018 still uses a serial connection!?).
NB: Now that I've done all this research and and typing this post, I realize that all the external USB Type-A ports are version 3.1 - perhaps I should just get a 'USB 3.1 Type-A' to 'USB 3.1 Type-C' cable or adapter-dongle and save myself a whole lot of trouble. Never the less, I'd still like to know - if you have answers to my questions--particularly No.1--it would be most appreciated if you could reply, including links where applicable.
(sorry for the long post - I did try to be sucinct, yet explicit)
Thanks in advance,
Dominic Smiley Happy

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