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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Recovery Partition

Hi, i have a new lenovo thinkcentre e73 and just put the recovery files on to disk and then deleted the recovery Partition and now im worried Smiley Sad.



If the computer ever breaks and i need to use the recovery disks i just made will it restore it to factory settings even restore the Q drive?


Thanks and sorry im a pain,


Im a worrier.

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Re: Lenovo Recovery Partition

My advice (and it's just mine, of course) is to forget about the recovery partition from Lenovo, and how to use it along with the recovery media you might have built or been provided with by Lenovo, and what to do about the Q partition, etc., etc.


Why would you ever really want to go back to "factory" state?  Then you'd have to re-customize, re-install of of your 3rd-party software products, etc., etc..


Why not just instead implement an ongoing regular automatically scheduled (maybe weekly, or twice a week, or whatever makes you comfortable) "system image" backup regimen using a product like Macrium Reflect Free (or modestl priced non-free Standard version with additional useful functionality).  Buy yourself a 2TB external USB 3.0 drive like this Verbatim drive, and use it to store your multiple generations of "system image" backups.


Now you actually have an automatic system backup of your complete and up-to-date operational C-partition, as well as of any other partitions you care to backup in this "complete partition" way. If you ever do need to "restore" because of Windows corruption, or virus, or who knows what reason, you can at least revert to a very very recent version that already includes everything you've ever customized or installed.  Isn't that a better reversion platform level than Lenovo "factory"??


Also, if you want to supplement your "entire partition" backups (i.e. "system image") with a more everyday-usable "data folder/file" backup regimen, Macrium Reflect Standard also supports separate "data folder/file" backups.  These can be run as FULL or INCRMENTAL/DIFFERENTIAL, and provide selective backup/restore of selected folders/files, which is much more commonly needed that restoring a complete partition would be.


You would then do something like (a) monthly FULL backups of data, along with (b) nightly INCREMENTAL backups of data.  You can continue to use your external 2TB USB 3.0 drive as the target for these backups as well.  This way you have every piece of user data you have backed up on a daily basis, so that you as long as your data was on a hard drive somewhere by the time that night's backup was taken, you'd now have it in a form you could recover if you needed to.


You retain as many "generations" of "system image" backups or complete "monthly sets" for "data folder/file" backups as you want. There's lots of room on a 2TB drive for many generations of both of these, so it's just up to you as to how paranoid you want to be and/or how far back you need to be able to recover something from.


NOTE: there are alternative "data folder/file" backup software products that have different GUI presentations as well as somewhat different (and more user-friendly GUI) functionality.  I, myself, use Macrium Reflect Standard for my weekly "system image" backups, but I also use NovaStor's NovaBACKUP for my monthly/nightly "data folder/file" backups.  I just prefer NovaBACKUP, although I realize I could use Macrium Reflect Standard for the same "data folder/file" purpose.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Recovery Partition

Thanks for your help Smiley Happy you made my day
What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Recovery Partition

Well maybe.  I bought a 710 Desktop Ideacentre in January.  The Lenovo Solution Center is report that it has developed a hardware problem -- USB on the Motherboard.  The solution is to return it for repair or replacement, in my case to Best Buy,


Best Buy tells me the will replace the system.


I want to wipe it, restore it and send it back sans any of my data.  System restore is the fastest option as it will also restore the Solution Center.


I bought a SSD and cloned it, restored the original system, verified the error was still present and took it in for replacement.  I'll use the SSD to replace the internal combo drive as I am not that impressed with the combo's performance.  Since this has proven to be a questionalble platform, I will keep the orginal recovery partition just in case.


Hope that helps,


Don J

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