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Lenovo Think Centre M900 tiny crashing constantly

So I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre M900 tiny with an i5-6500T processor, SSD, it crashes once maybe twice a day over an 8 hour working shift. I do data valedation in magento 1&2 so have lots of excel spreadsheets open but I find it doesnt matter how much or how little I have open, it crashes reguardless.


What happens is the screens stop responding, the mouse will still be free to move for about a minute across the frozen pages before stopping too then this wont resolve itself and requires a hard reset- I've treid waiting half an hour before and still nothing. My worst day was 12 crashes and on average its 3 a day.

This has gone on for a year now and in that time I've had a Lonovo technician come out and take a look, he changed the motherboard but still the issue stays the same, Ive tried more RAM, less RAM, the CPU is fine, I'm running off ethernet, loads of free disk space, not alot saved onto the memory. Its even been whiped entirely and rebuilt. I cant download any dodgy viruses as I dont have admin permissions so it cant be that either.

I cannot find a single reason for it to be having this issue

Anybody had the same issue before and managed to have it resolved?

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo Think Centre M900 tiny crashing constantly

I have a m900 Tiny myself, but I run Linux on it.


Make sure you are running the current available system firmware as some of the older versions had some issues.

One way you could check to see if the crashes are related to the system directly or just the OS would be to be to run a few long burnin tests.


1. Run memtest86 for several full passes to make sure there are no errors. This will likely take a few hours.




2. Then run a cpu intensive benchmark for longer than it normally takes to lock up the system.

a. use a linux live image and shutdown the gui so no extra processes are running

b. run Intel's Linpack tweaked to use the full memory of the system for enough passes that it runs for the amount of time needed.


Intel® Math Kernel Library Benchmarks (Intel® MKL Benchmarks)


If the above two fully pass then its likely something to do with the OS install, if they don't pass then you will have a better idea whats wrong.

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Re: Lenovo Think Centre M900 tiny crashing constantly

+1 on MemTest86, 4 passes of which is a thorough memory / cpu test.   Have you checked for errors in the Windows log (Event Viewer)?  

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