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Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantly even after reboot

2014-11-26, 15:58 PM

Hi all,


We are a school and recently have bought 34 of the above Thinkcentres for an IT suite. Unfortuantely 7 now are displaying the above issues. To recap:


The screen is blank, but if you screen change mode it says on the screen it is in PC mode (so screen works)

The mouse and keyboard are dead and yes they are plugged in!

The green power light (bottom right hand side)  is constant green even if you reboot (5 second finger) it still is constant green when it come back, never orange and the machine does no start. Fan is operating.

There is power to the machine that IS on. :)

I have swapped out the power cables and mice, put the "faulty" mice onto another machine and they have all worked, but not when you place then on these 7 machines.


If any of you techies could figure this out that would be great, it would be a shame if we had to warranty return 7 Lenovo machines due to being faulty..




Thanks all





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Re: Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantly even after reboot

2014-12-17, 16:23 PM

Hi Andy,


I have the same issue with a E93z and even if I have next business on-site warranty, I´m waiting since monday mornig but there are no replacement parts availible. Awesome service !! Brandnew and unusable PC.





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Re: Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantly even after reboot

2015-02-12, 19:21 PM

I purchased 7 of these for my business in August.  Since then, have had the same issue on 4 different occaisions.  First time tech support came out after a week but part IBM supplied was not compatible.  Then told part was on back order indefinitely and after requesting to have the ticket escalated, a brand new unit was shipped.  Then a second one failed.  I gave support the part number for the motherboard by opening it myself.  Tech showed up and replaced motherboard and unit worked fine.  Third time, same issue, told support part number and tech arrived 3 days later to replace the motherboard.  Unit worked fine for several weeks and just failed again.  Called and opened 4th ticket.  No response from support for several days.  Called in and they stated it was still in "pending status" and didn't know why.  Won't give me a timeline for fixing the unit.  Local tech will call/email when the parts are avaialable.  


Incredibly frustrating to have a 60% fail rate in less than 6 months.  Then customer service never has the correct part number even though I've notified them 4 times now.  Multiple delays without followup from support due to multiple processing errors.  


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Re: Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantly even after reboot

2016-03-17, 18:47 PM

Not happy,


We purchased 14 ThinkCentre E93z computers about 2 years ago,  the mother board's have been replaced on almost all of them. Now the M/B that were replaced are failing with the same problem, green lite, no post and no boot. We were lucky enough to have purchased 3 year warranties, but the problem isn't going away and Lenovo should replace these computers. Since we purchase Lenovo servers, desktops and laptops you would think Lenovo would step up and replace these machines so not to lose a customer. I guess they're so big and the CEO's that make fat paychecks just don't care. 


Looking at Dells & HP as replacements,



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