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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo m91p White List GPUs

Hello everyone!


This is my first forum post so I'm looking to learn about the computer I just purchased today! I have bought the Lenovo M91p thinkcentre type 4524 and was curious about the White List for GPUs. I've read on this forum previously about this but I am a little confused about it. Exaclty which bios version supports 10 series and under GPUs and which AMD cards are supports? According to the drivers for this computer, it was last updated in 2014 so I was wondering how 10 series GPUs would be supported! Thanks in advance for the response and sorry to resurrect a dead topic!

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Lenovo m91p White List GPUs

For Nvidia, I don't have anything beyond what's in the pinned "Read First .." thread.  A similar list of supported adapters for AMD is not published, but a few show on a list of uploaded M91p system benchmarks, ranked by best 3D performance.  In both cases, I suggest downloading the latest graphics drivers directly from Nvidia or AMD.


f-m91p-passmark 3d.png

I do not work for Lenovo. I do not respond to Private Messages for help, your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where the information exchange may help others. If I helped you, click the 'Kudos' button, if solved, the 'Accept as Solution'.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo m91p White List GPUs

I'm assuming you have to be on Bios version 9HKT58A?

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo m91p White List GPUs

Hi there


Same problem here. I have M91p with i5 2400 , 16GB RAM and GTX 950 2GB. I have the "latest" 9HKT58AUS BIOS. I got a 4GB RX 570 from a friend. It was really cheap but when I install the card , my PC won't post at all. Everything is working but the screem just goes blank. I did some reading and found out that other people have the same problem with newer Radeons. Apparently the card should work but the BIOS "whitelist" prevents it. I found that people are modding the GPUs BIOS (changing the card ID) so that the motherboard would identify the card as 7870. Unfortunatelly I can't do even that as I don't have any PC that would work with the card (my friend who sold me the card moved away).


Is there any way to make that card work with my PC? I'm really happy with that machine and I don't want to buy a new one. My current GTX 950 is ok but I'd love to see that RX 570 in action. I know that M91p is a really old machine and it was never intended for anything but office work but is it really so hard for Lenovo to give us a "fixed" BIOS update without that "whitelist"?

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