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M55 and the core 2 duo E6700



I have a M55 8813 that came with a core 2 duo E6300 cpu ... After swapping in a Core 2 Duo E6700 the PC boots up ok. and the CPU passes various tests.


However, while using cpu temperature reporting such as Core Temp and Speed Fan the cpu and core temperatures are significantly lower than when reported with the E6300.


I am uncertain of the accuracy of these programs, Core Temp has a Tjmax setting for the E6700 to be 85c the Tcase rating for the E6700 is 60.1c .. The Tj max rating for the E6300 is set at 95C ..


Anyway the results for the E6300 seem to be about right fluctuating from around 31c to 45c ...


The results for the E6700,  significantly lower .are reporting core temps starting around 15c to around 22c with average temps around 18 to 19c.


My question is there a compatibility issue with the E6700 when installed in some M55s. Perhaps the E6700 was never certified for some M55 motherboards? Appears to be a processor that is more popular with the M57s ... I have seen a few M55 listed on the Internet part of the 8811series  that show to have an E6700 installed ..


This particular computer's mb also has the security chip and AMT bios. The AMT bios has been disabled.


I suppose there could also be something faulty with the E6700, it's dts (digital temperature sensors) and registers .. since it is a used cpu that came from another PC.








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