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Fanfold Paper
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M57 BIOS Update Failure

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I performed an automatic update using the Thinkvantage updater.  The update included a BIOS update.  All of the updates appeared to install without incident.  When finished, the updater prompted for a restart.  I allowed the M57 to reboot and came back a while later to find a black screen that would not come alive.  There was no response from any of the keys.


The power lite was on.  I pressed the power button for several seconds, and the unit shut down.  I then unplugged and re-applied AC power.  The power lite came on for a few seconds and then shut off.  I pressed the power button and the power lite came on, but the system did not boot.  There was POST activity and the monitor did not come on.


This appears to be a POST/BIOS update failure.


The maintenance manual provides a Boot-block recovery procedure that requires the use of a USB diskette drive since there is no built-in drive, and a "special recovery BIOS flash diskette".


Where do I get this "special recovery BIOS flash diskette"?  I presume that this is different from the BIOS update diskette set of 2 disks that's downloadable from the lenovo site.


My machine is a model 6072.

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Token Ring
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I experienced a similar problem last June on a M57 6072-EPU.  The ThinkVantage update of the BIOS did a reboot and then nothing.  The BIOS update left the bios chip in an unuseable state and the system could not be booted in any way; the only recourse was to have the motherboard replaced to get a new working BIOS.  Fortunately this happened on a brand new system, just out of the box, and Lenovo send a replacement motherboard.  Once the board was replaced, everything worked like a charm, including the ThinkVantage BIOS update, and the system has run 24x7 since then.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

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I did perform a successful Boot Block flash recovery using this procedure on Lenovo's support site.


The procedure listed in the M57 maintenance manual is incorrect:


1. There is no "special recovery BIOS flash diskette" as stated in the manual.  The normal BIOS update diskette will work.


2. The maintence manual fails to mention that a jumper change is required to perform the Boot Block Recovery.  The jumper must be moved from positions 1-2 to 2-3 to perform the revovery.


I'm dissapointed in the overall decline in quality of Lenovo documentation since they acquired this product line from IBM.  The procedure outlined in the MIGR-45385 document should be included in the M57 Users Manual.

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Paper Tape
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I had the same BIOS update failure after using the Thinkvantage updater on a Lenovo 9970-A2U purchased in the Fall of 2008.  I called customer support and talked to a very frazzled rep who could not solve the problem or access documentation due to server problems.  We scheduled a motherboard replacement.  In the meantime, I downloaded the documentation, the BIOS update diskette file, and purchased a USB floppy drive.  I performed the procedure moving the internal jumper and the BIOS updated perfectly.  I cancelled the service call.  We will never know if this was a motherboard, software (Thinkvantage updater), or a network failure.  My school purchased 15 of these units and I am in the process of BIOS updating all of them using the floppy method.


The support knowledge and resources at hand displayed by the rep where shockingly low.  I also agree that Lenovo documentation needs work.  This is not the high quality, rock-solid, service-oriented IBM our fathers and grandfathers knew.

Paper Tape
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I've had the same problem....but no luck using the flash bios diskett procedure.  When I boot with the diskette in the drive I can see the drive light go on for maybe 5 seconds....then it goes off. Let the machine stay on for over  5 minutes. powered down, removed disk....powered up nothing. Monitor doesn't go on....nothing no post


Can't believe this has happened. Have 15 Dells,three other Lenovo's, 4 HP's, a Sony.....never have I had a computer that runs an update and bricks the computer...especially since it didn't ask DO YOU WANT TO FLASH THE BIOS?  THIS CAN BRICK YOUR COMPUTER!!! ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS?  OK DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK ...TYPE YES TO CONTINUE. Seriously upset.

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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure



I can appreciate that this is frustrating and I'm sorry that this happened to you.  These kind of glitches are a fairly low occurence rate - the ones reported on this thread were '08 and '09 with none added on in '10, and '11. Considering the hundreds of thousands of systems, if not millions in the install base it is fairly rare.  Still, that is of little consolidation when it is your machine.


Can you try the proceedure that n2vwz tried above?  I've updated the link to the doccument on our new support site as the old one was broken.   See if that get's you going, else you may need to give support a call.


Best regards,


Serial Port
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

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My ThinkCentre M57 (6072-A5G) was crashing with power-off during the BIOS update.

I've tried to revover BIOS , but I don't have a diskette drive.

I've tried using Flash BIOS update CD, but it doesn't work.

Knows anyone how it shoud work to recover BIOS using CD instead of a diskette?

Serial Port
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I've done according to:


Recovering from a POST/BIOS update failure 

If power to your computer is interrupted while POST/BIOS is being updated (flash update), your computer might not restart correctly. 
If this happens, perform the following procedure commonly called Boot-block Recovery.
Note: If your computer has no internal diskette drive, an optional USB diskette drive must be connected to use the BIOS flash diskette. 

1. Turn the computer off and insert the BIOS flash diskette in the diskette drive. 

2. Turn the computer on and immediately press the Ctrl and Home keys (Ctrl + Home) during the startup. 

3. The computer will automatically begin recovering the BIOS. During this time you will see a screen indicating that flash recovery has started. 
After the update session completes, the computer automatically restarts. 

4. Remove the BIOS flash diskette from the diskette drive. 

using USB diskette drive and now the BIOS is successfully recovered.

BTW I had BIOS jumper completely out of the mainboard during the BIOS recovering process and a normal flash update floppy was used.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I have the same problem, not able to recover with a USB floppy since USB communication seem to be stopped. I would imagine a healthy BIOS would be needed to manage USB communication, no?

What's DOS?
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Re: M57 BIOS Update Failure

I just got one of these to play with,  BIOS was locked and I tried resetting it but obviously screwed something up.  I have an internal floppy on the lenovo as well as a USB floppy,  however the floppy downloads are '.exe'  I do not have a windows machine (other than the broken one) just chromeOS and macOS machines.    So, how do I make a floppy?

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