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Paper Tape
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M57 Doesn't Start

I formated a new M57 out-of-the-box, all fine.

Did the updates by Lenovo. On the last one (A BIOS upgrade), the computer simply doesn't start.

I Think the BIOS is gone...

What can i do? 

Paper Tape
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

idem for my 2 firstpc's

i have 60pieces of m57 6075-cto lenovo

and this problem appear after upgrade automatically the bios


Paper Tape
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

It's the latest BIOS update, it messed up the M/B's BIOS to where it won't come back up, we have 2 dead M57p here because of that.  I called support and they sent me a replacement M/B.
Lenovo Employee shumpert
Lenovo Employee
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

I will have our Level 2 engineers take a look at the file.


In the mean time however you can fix this without replacing the motherboard.


You can do a Boot Block Recovery.  This resets the BIOS information on the board and allows it to boot properly.

You will have to reset the MTM/Serial number in the BIOS after completing the process.


For details on how to perform a boot block recovery see here.

Ed Shumpert
Service Operations Manager
NA Service & Support
Paper Tape
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

i try it, boot flash disk floppy, ok, beep beep ok, and after reboot normally i did'nt work for me
What's DOS?
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

I have exactly the same problem one of our M57Ps. System updates prompted for an update, and turned the machine into a brick! I was a bit shocked when I phoned support (the machine is under warenty) and was told that "software" problems were not coverd by the warenty, I did ask if I could speak to the engineers boss, but was told that this was not possible. I could pay to have an engineer come out! Im still in shock, but when I recover I will send the machine back to the dealer and let them deal with Lenovo. I must say that I really didnt expect that response. Can anyone confirm that this indeed Lenovos warenty policy?




Fanfold Paper
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Re: M57 Doesn't Start

You should be able to perform a Boot Block Recovery using the procedure found at this link:


The procedure takes several minutes.  There is a sequence of beeps, followed by a period of silence, followed by another sequence of beeps.  The computer will shut itself off when the procedure is complete.


My first try was not successful.  I shut down the computer after the first round of beeps mistakingly thinking that the procedure was complete.  The second try was successful.

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