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M58P - System Upgrades

2020-02-07, 3:45 AM

Hello everyone,


I recently obtained a ThinkCenter M58p (machine type 7188) and wanted to document my experience upgrading the machine. Hopefully this information will help others in the future.


I made the following changes to the hardware:


1 - Upgraded the stock HDD to a 120GB Kingston SSD. I did not copy any data over from the previous Windows Vista installation and started with a stock Windows 10 install onto the new drive.


2 - Upgraded the total memory from 4GB to 8GB by adding in two 2GB memory sticks. I bought these used on ebay ensuring they were the same speed as the installed memory. BIOS recognized them on first boot, and so did windows without any system configuration


3 - Upgraded the included ~280W PSU with a new Thermaltake 500W. The PSU is much more than this machine needs but I wanted something stable, with 80+ bronze efficiency that can be later swapped into a newer machine down the road. 


4 - Upgraded to a GeForce GT 710 for the GPU as opposed to the onboard graphics. I had to change the BIOS to use PEG graphics instead of the onboard to get things going. I also used Display Driver Uninstaller running in Windows safe mode to wipe clean the Intel HD graphics driver prior to installing Nvidia's drivers.


5 - Upgraded the included E8400 Core 2 Duo to a Q9505 Core 2 Quad @ 2.8GHz. On first boot both BIOS and the CPU-z tool showed the new processor installed without any configuration. Windows task manager and device manager both still showed the old CPU, although Windows was running just fine in this state. From the device manager I had to right-click the CPU, select uninstall device, and reboot the machine for Windows to recognize the quad core properly


6 - Lastly I tidied up the internals of the case as cable management by the factory was very poor. I also moved the single included case fan to the front of the case as intake, rather than exhaust at the rear. I did this to create a positive pressure environment in the case itself. In order to make this work I had to order a 4 pin PWM extender from eBay as the fan cable would not reach the header from the front of the case


One important note; it appears that the Q45 Panda board in this machine is not compatible with all graphics cards. I initially bought a Radeon HD 5570, but the BIOS would not boot into the OS claiming that the system did not have enough graphics memory to proceed. There is another post on this forum documenting that the 5570 in particular will not work with this motherboard, not a big loss but a bummer for sure.


I am now currently running a 1080p TV, and two monitors off the video card with no issues. I have also been able to run Minecraft with decent framerates, even will running a Minecraft server in the background without too much of a performance drop.


Windows is running very well. Although I have gone in and tweaked the Windows services to ensure that Windows is using as little system resources as I can get it to.


Overall I am very pleased with the performance of this machine after all the upgrades. I hope this information is useful to someone else, I will monitor this thread as I may be able to offer additional insights if questions arise.


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Re: M58P - System Upgrades

2020-02-07, 17:27 PM

Hello mbrns,

I recently did the same up-grade to an M58p (machine type 6209).


First of all I upgraded the bios with the last version released on 2012 and then:


1 - Upgrade the stock HDD 160 Gb to a 320GB Crucial SSD (Windows 10 pro 64 bit) + 320GB Crucial SSD (Ubuntu 18.04 64bit)

2 - Upgraded the total memory from 2GB 10600 to 8GB 12800 (2x4Gb)

3 - Upgraded the standard 280W PSU with a Cool Master G650M 650W

4 - Upgraded the onboard graphics with an old Radeon HD 6950 2Gb

5 - Upgraded the original E8400 Core 2 Duo to a Q9650 Core 2 Quad @ 3.0GHz

6 - I installed a further 4 pin cooling FUN  (92mm) in front of the case


I did this upgrade just for hobby to verify the max potentiality can I have from this old system

and to my great surprise It run very very well @ 1080p


Note : I tried also installing a Sapphire Radeon RX 460 2Gb but it doesn't work



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