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M58p: TV tuner card disables the DP port for 2nd monitor (Happauge Quad)

I have a Lenovo M58 with a lenovo mtq45nk mainboard. I have been happily using dual monitors through the VGA & Displayport (converted to DVI) for a long time now. Running win7 32x


Recently I added a PCIe card - Happauge Quad Tuner TV Tuner card,


Initially this did not work, and I needed to change bios settings from Automatic under video to IGD or PGE.  This got the TV Tuner card working.


Now my dual monitor setup no longer works.

I have tried changing settings in bios to:
Automatic - does not detect TV tuner card.

IGD - detects TV tuner card but not second monitor

PGE - detects TV tuner card AND second monitor.


Windows detects the second monitor, and I can select is as mirror, dual display etc but nothing is shown - it's like it remains asleep.


Just to verify, I removed the PCIe card and tested the dual monitor setup again, and all worked perfectly again!


I have also tried setting the second display to primary display (display port) which does not work. I could not change this in bios as there is no option for primary display under video settings in bios - so i updated bios to latest scjy77usa.


I am quickly running out of ideas, and cant see why this should not be possible... does the PCIe (input only device) overrule the displayport? Is there a way to re-activate?


Mod:  edited the Subject line to clarify the question

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