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M700 SFF - Hard Drives goes offline randomly for periods of time

2020-08-04, 8:45 AM

I have been having an issue with the stock SATA 7200 RPM drive going offline.  I upgraded the system at purchase time with a SATA SSD and Nvidia 1030 video card.  I set up the SSD poorly as the boot image but left the system image on the SATA 7200 drive.  When the 7200 drives goes offline and if windows crashes, the reboot fails since system partition is not there.  I have corrected this by recreating the system partition on the SSD.


My question is this a failing hard drive, power supply, or mother board?  There are no hard drive errors or device errors minus the hard drive to going offline.  Before this started happening, I would occasionally hear the hard drive  startup, spin a few time, turn off, spin down, and then repeat every two seconds.  When it gets in this mode is annoying at least from an audio standpoint.  I initially blamed it as a software issue writing to temporary files which I configured windows use the SATA 7200 drive.  I have ordered a new power SATA power cable to try, but swapping the existing power cables using the dedicated SATA DVD power cable on the SATA 7200 drive did not solve anything.  I could not find any software that monitors the power consumption of the drives.  The PSU is the 210 version, I am not sure if M900 SFF 240W PSU would fit or work in the case with out modding.  I have read about the custom cable and non OEM PSUs option on the forum as well.


Not exactly sure what to do if the system fails.  Its probably cheaper to transfer the core parts into a new rig than replacing the oem parts.  Pretty skeptical of replacement parts, as my G700 need a replacement motherboard due to overheating around video processing that eventually caused the sata controller to fail over time with it not being able to recognized any devices.  I replaced the mainboard and the the system came to life again with no issues for 6 months, however this month I ran into the overheating issue again that took the sata controller offline again, which is now increasing in frequency. Seen similar behavior in a particular model of HPs as well.


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Re:M700 SFF - Hard Drives goes offline randomly for periods of time

2020-08-05, 19:41 PM

Sorry to learn about your bombed tests on the WD Blue, you have an entirely great job with the investigating, however! Shockingly, if the DLG device records an excessive number of awful parts, it's most likely best to supplant that HDD and not trust any basic information with it. So as to see if your different drives are alright, unplug the risky WD Blue and utilize the WD Red to check your framework's presentation. In the event that you approach another PC, you could likewise attempt the WD Blue there and perceive how it will act in the other PC.  


I'd likewise unequivocally suggest you check the guarantee of the WD Blue on our site. On the off chance that it's despite everything secured, you ought to have the option to RMA it and get a substitution from our Customer Support.

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