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Blue Screen Again
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M700 ThinkCentre PS/2 keyboard doesn't work after shutdown/startup

When I bought my wife a new Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 (Windows 7 Pro downlevel)  a year ago, I also ordered a Unicomp USB keyboard to replace her IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard, and a Planar monitor to replace her IBM T56A pivoting monitor. Everything arrived and worked great.


A couple of weeks ago she decided she wanted to use her old Model M PS/2 keyboard, as it fitted her small hands better. Since the M700 has PS/2 ports for both a keyboard and mouse, I plugged in the PS/2 keyboard, but it wouldn't type. I searched the web and one suggestion was to unplug the keyboard and shutdown the PC, plug in the PS2 keyboard and boot. I tried that and still didn't work.


I was at my wits end. I search Lenovo for possible PS/2 updates, but found nothing. I was ready to tell her it wouldn't work, when I decided when all else fails, restart the PC. After the restart, the PS/2 keyboard worked.


The problem is if she powers off her M700, and reboots later, she has to then restart the M700 to get the keyboard to work.


I tried buying a PS/2 to USB conntector, but when I plug it in, I eitgher get eror messages about a bad USB port, or it may say devive driver not found, device ready to use. But the keyboard never works in USB mode.


Has anyone else seen a problem like this? You would think a PC with a PS/2 port for a PS/2 keyboard would support a PS/2 keyboard.


I am open to all suggestions, except for using the new USB keyboard. She would rather live with the occasional extra restart step then use the new keyboard.


Windows Update and Lenovo System Update both tell me all updates have been installed.

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